Admin Types in M-Files Hubshare

This section gives an overview of the different administrator rights in M-Files Hubshare.

In M-Files Hubshare, there are six different admin rights. Every section in this guide contains information of the necessary rights for the given tasks.

Only internal users can have admin rights.

Admin right Description
Organization-level admin With the organization-level admin rights, you can configure organization-level settings, manage the users on organization level, and configure the modules of the organization-level hub.
Hub creator With the hub creator rights, you can create hubs.
Hub template creator With the hub template creator rights, you can create and manage hub templates.
Hub admin With the hub admin rights, you can manage a hub and the hub users.
User manager With the user manager rights, you can manage hub users and their access to modules.
Hub designer With the hub designer rights, you can customize the appearance of a hub.
Note: Some parts of this guide refer to hub owner and hub ownership. The hub owner is usually the user who creates the hub. The ownership can also be transferred.