Single-File and Multi-File Documents

In M-Files, you can create single-file documents and multi-file documents.

Video: Creating Multifile Documents in M-Files

A single-file document contains only one file. For example, a PDF or a Word document.

A multi-file document () usually contains many files. For example, you can include a proposal and its attachments, which are single-file documents, in the same multi-file document. You can double-click the multi-file document to see its content.

Converting a multi-file document to a single-file document

When a multi-file document contains only one file, you can convert it to a single-file document: Right-click a multi-file document and click Convert to Single-file Document.

Converting a single-file document to a multi-file document

To convert a single-file document to a multi-file document, right-click a single-file document and click Convert to Multi-file Document.