Rebuilding Search Indexes

For small repositories, you can use the rebuild full-text search index operation in M-Files Admin. For more information about the operation, see Vault Maintenance. During the operation, it is possible that the quick search does not operate satisfactorily in the vault.

For large repositories, the operation time is longer.

This page tells you how to rebuild Smart Search and Micro Focus IDOL search indexes. For instructions on how to rebuild the index of a server when your search engine is dtSearch, refer to Rebuilding the dtSearch Full-Text Search Index in M-Files knowledge base.

To rebuild the full-text search index in large repositories when your search engine is Smart Search or Micro Focus IDOL:

  1. Create a new index.
    For instructions, see Creating a Search Index.
  2. Under the old search index, set Enabled to No.
  3. Click Save.