Specifying Vault-Specific Locale Settings for Server-Side PDF Conversions

When converting Microsoft Word documents that contain dynamic metadata fields (see Add M-Files Property) to PDF using the server-side PDF conversion feature, M-Files refreshes the metadata fields before the PDF conversion is executed. Number and date values are formatted upon refreshing using the locale settings of the M-Files server computer. If you need to change the locale of the dates and numbers but cannot change the server locale, you can specify a locale for the vault to override the server locale.

To specify the vault locale, complete the following steps on the M-Files server computer:

  1. In M-Files Admin, go to the Advanced Vault Settings section.
    1. Open M-Files Admin.
    2. In the left-side tree view, expand an M-Files server connection.
    3. Expand Document Vaults.
    4. Expand a vault.
    5. Click Configurations.
    6. In the navigation area, click Advanced Vault Settings.
    7. Open the Configuration tab.
      Result:The advanced vault settings are shown.
  2. Expand PDF Conversion > Word Files.
  3. In the Formatting Locale field, enter the language culture name, for instance fi-FI, en-US, or sv-SE.
    The value should be given as a Microsoft Windows language code identifier (LCID).
  4. Click Save to save your configuration.
Number and date metadata fields in PDF conversions are now formatted according to the locale you have specified.