Managing Server Licenses

Note: This content is no longer updated. For the latest content, please go to the user guide for M-Files Online. For information on the supported product versions, refer to our lifecycle policy.

To open license management settings in M-Files Admin, right-click your M-Files server in the left-side tree view and click License Management.

M-Files license management window.

License status

The status of the license is shown here. Users receive a notification before the license expires.

Serial number

This is your M-Files serial number.

Licensed to

The license holder is displayed here. This confirms that your organization is the registered user of the software.

Subscription expires

Subscription expiry date. During the subscription period, you are entitled to all M-Files version updates free of charge. You also need to have an active M-Files subscription for receiving customer support free of charge.

Number of named user licenses / In use

The number of licenses installed is displayed for each license type separately. Below that, you can see the number of licenses in use. Named user licenses are assigned to individual login accounts. For more information about license types, refer to License type.

Number of concurrent user licenses / In use

The number of concurrent user licenses in use is determined by the number of currently logged in users using this license type. A license is reserved when a user using this license type logs in to M-Files. When the user logs out of M-Files, the license becomes available. For more information about license types, refer to License type.

Number of read-only licenses / In use

A read-only license allows the user only to read content. It does not allow the user to create or modify documents in the document vault. For more information about license types, refer to License type.

Additional modules

Here you can see the additional modules to which you have access, such as the OCR module.


The Refresh button brings the "in use" license data up to date.

Install License

When the evaluation period expires, you need a license to be able to use M-Files. Install your license by clicking the Install License... button. Enter the serial number and license code you have obtained, and then click OK.