Example: Creating a New View for French Customers

  1. Go to a vault with M-Files Desktop.
  2. Click the Create button and select View.
    Result:The Define View dialog is opened.
  3. In the Name field, enter the name French customers.
    The name will appear in the listing area under My Views.
  4. Optional: Check the Common to all users check box if you want to define this view as a common view.
  5. Click Define Filter to specify the conditions that objects must meet to be shown in this view.
    Result:The Define Filter dialog is opened.
  6. On the Status tab, check the Object type check box, select the equal (=) operator from the adjacent drop-down menu, and select the Customer from the rightmost drop-down menu.
  7. Go to the Properties tab.
  8. Click Add Condition and add the following condition:
    1. Use the Property drop-down menu to select the Country property.
    2. Use the Operator drop-down menu to select the equal (=) operator.
    3. Use the Value drop-down menu to select France as the country.
  9. Click OK to close the Define Filter dialog and to return to the Define View dialog.
  10. Check the Show documents and other objects option check box.
  11. Click OK.
The view you have just defined appears in the listing area under My Views and it contains all the objects and documents that meet the conditions that you have specified in the filter settings of your view.