Accessing M-Files Web

You can go to M-Files vaults also with M-Files Web. M-Files Web is a browser-based M-Files client that lets you use the basic M-Files functions.

There are two versions available: the classic M-Files Web and the new M-Files Web. The user interfaces for the two versions are almost the same as in M-Files Desktop. With the classic M-Files Web, see the Using M-Files Desktop User Interface section for more information about the user interface components. The new M-Files Web has its own user guide.

You can get the address of M-Files Web in your organization from your system administrator.

Editing content in M-Files Web

In M-Files Web, you can use M-Files Web Companion to edit content with desktop applications. With the classic M-Files Web, you can use the M-Files for Chrome extension.

Logging in to the classic M-Files Web

  1. In your web browser, go to the M-Files Web address given by your system administrator or an M-Files consultant.
    Example: If the name of your vault is Sales Tracker, the address can be for cloud-based deployments or for on-premises vaults. In your corporate network, the connection protocol can be HTTP instead of HTTPS.
  2. Enter your login credentials or select Log in with current Windows credentials.
  3. Optional: If you have access to many vaults, select the vault to which to connect.
    If you have access to only one vault, you are automatically connected.