About This User Guide

This user guide contains a number of typographic and writing conventions as well as visual elements that will help you to better understand information and to do tasks.

Convention Description
<version> Indicates that you must replace the text enclosed in angled brackets with information specific to your installation or environment. For example, in the registry path HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Motive\M-Files\<version>\Client, replace <version> with the version number of your specific M-Files installation.
File > Save The > symbol indicates that you need to select an item from a menu. For example, Settings > Applications indicates that you must open the menu bar and select the Applications item from the Settings menu.
Optional Indicates that a step in a task is optional and up to the users to decide if they will complete the step.
Info Highlights important information related to a specific step in a task. This information is always under the related step.
Example Highlights an example of how a given step is completed. This information is always under the related step.
Result Highlights a description of the expected results after you have completed a task step.
Bold Bolded text indicates user interface elements, such as buttons, menu items, and dialog names.


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The Object Type Properties dialog is opened.