Functions in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint

The M-Files functions in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint for Microsoft Windows make it easy to manage documents. You can access the functions from the File menu, Office menu, or M-Files menu.

The M-Files functions in this section are available in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 and 2019, and in versions of Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise that Microsoft supports.

Open From M-Files

You can open a document from the vault to read or edit it. If you have many vaults, use the Open from M-Files function to select the correct one. This function is also available in the File and Office menus.

Save to M-Files

Save is the easiest way to save a document to M-Files. When you save to M-Files directly, the metadata card opens for editing. For more information, see Creating Documents. If you use many vaults, select the correct vault in the Save submenu. This function is also available in the File and Office menus.

Explore M-Files

If the opened file is in M-Files, the Explore M-Files function shows it in M-Files. This makes it is easier to use other M-Files functions on the file.

Check Out

The Check Out function converts a previously read-only document into an editable document.

Note: If the document is edited in read-only mode, all changes are lost when you Check Out the document.
Check In

The Check In function saves the edited document to the vault and closes it in Microsoft Word.

Check In Changes

The Check In Changes function checks in your changes and immediately checks out the document to you. This lets other vault users see your changes but lets you continue to edit the document.

Undo Checkout

The Undo Checkout function closes the current document and cancels the checkout. If the Undo Checkout function is done on an edited document, all changes made after the document was checked out are lost.

Note: It is not possible to use Undo Checkout on a single file of a multi-file document. The function is also not available in the M-Files menu.

With the standard Compare function, you can compare the content of the current document to a previous version of the same document. The Compare function opens the document version history where you can select a previous version with which to compare the current one.

If the Advanced Document Compare feature is used in your vault, document comparison operates differently. You can also compare the content to a different document. For more information, see Comparing Document Content with the Microsoft Word Ribbon.

Note: Compare is available in Microsoft Word only.
Insert Property

See Add M-Files Property.


The Properties function opens the document's metadata card. See also Object Metadata.