Relationships Between Objects in Separate Vaults

You can also create a relationship between objects that are saved to two different vaults. The objects are not exported from one vault to the other but a link is created between them. To create the relationship, drag an object from one vault to the other or use the Relationships function.

The relationship between the two objects is shown as a shortcut. When you double-click the shortcut, M-Files shows the actual object in a new window. When you select the shortcut, you can see some of the related object's metadata and a link to the object in the target vault. You can also rename the shortcut. This does not change the name of the original object or cause any conflicts between the vaults.

Note: If you have problems with the creation of relationships between vaults, contact your system admin to make sure that the metadata definitions of the object types are matched between vaults.

Shortcut permissions

The shortcuts have their own permissions. By default, M-Files uses permissions for a new object in the vault that you are currently logged in.

Shortcuts created with synchronization

When data is synchronized between vaults, sometimes the metadata of the imported objects creates shortcuts. For example, if a document related to a project is imported without the project, M-Files creates a shortcut for the project in the target vault. This shortcut is now a link to the object in the source vault.