HTTPS Connections to M-Files Server

M-Files Desktop uses the TCP/IP, HTTPS, or gRPC protocol to communicate with M-Files Server. The classic M-Files Web uses HTTP or HTTPS, the new M-Files Web uses gRPC, and M-Files Mobile uses HTTP, HTTPS, or gRPC for server communication.

gRPC is used for all vault connections in the new M-Files Cloud and it is recommended for all new on-premises server implementations as a future-proof connection protocol. However, the default way for M-Files Desktop to communicate with an on-premises M-Files server is to use the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) protocol (TCP/IP, port 2266). Since this mode of communication does not require any additional configuration steps, it is usually the preferred way of communicating inside the organization's internal network.

In some situations, it is preferable to enable M-Files Desktop to communicate with M-Files Server through the HTTPS protocol instead of RPC. This is especially useful if clients are connecting from outside the company's internal network. HTTPS connections are always encrypted and are typically not blocked in hotel networks or other public networks.

For instructions on how to enable "RPC over HTTP with SSL" communication between M-Files Desktop and M-Files Server, refer to the document Enabling RPC over HTTPS connections to M-Files Server. With the configuration described in the document, all traffic from M-Files Desktop is encrypted and tunneled through TCP port 443.

Once the "RPC over HTTP with SSL" connections have been enabled on the server, end users will be able to use the HTTPS protocol while adding or editing a document vault connection in M-Files Desktop Settings.