System Overview

An M-Files system consists of these components:
  1. A server computer (or multiple servers) with the M-Files Server component that contains the vaults
  2. M-Files clients used to show and edit the vault-stored information with the end-users' devices
You can access vaults with these methods:
M-Files clients (on the left) are used for accessing M-Files Server (in the center), which manages the document vaults (on the right).

The image above offers a high-level description of the M-Files system: the clients (M-Files Desktop, M-Files Web, or any of the M-Files mobile applications) on the left are used for accessing the server computer (center of the image), which in turn manages one or more document vaults (on the right). Alternatively, M-Files Server and the document vaults may be located on a cloud-based server (see M-Files Deployment Options).

You can edit server settings and the document vault structure with M-Files Admin. With M-Files Desktop Settings, you can add, remove and edit vault connections. For more information about using M-Files Web and the mobile applications, see the topics Accessing M-Files Web and Accessing M-Files Mobile.