Vault Event Log

Note: This content is no longer updated. For the latest content, please go to the user guide for M-Files Online. For information on the supported product versions, refer to our lifecycle policy.

The vault event log records document vault events, such as new object creations and user logins. Events can be viewed and organized in any desired order, filtered and exported. You can add new types of events to be recorded by purchasing the Electronic Signatures and Advanced Logging module.

Tip: If the list contains a large number of items, you might want to filter it. To filter the view, open the View menu and click Filter. Enter a desired text to filter the column contents.
Note: Event logging must be enabled to send notifications. For more information about notifications, refer to Editing Notification Settings in M-Files Admin.

To enable the vault event log, in M-Files Admin, select the document vault of your choice, then select Event Log, and finally click Enable via the task area.

Showing events X–XXXX

You can browse the events page by page by using the arrow icons. A single page can display 10,000 events at maximum.

Results per page

You can select how many events are shown per page.

Define Filter

You can specify the events to be displayed in the list by either object type or object ID.


You can export and archive all or selected events in XML file format.

Delete events X–XXXX

In addition to being able to delete all events, you can select events for listing on the page and delete them (this does not apply to filtered lists).

Detailed information on an individual event

The Event Details dialog provides detailed information on the saved changes.

Note: To view more detailed information on an individual event, you must have the Electronic Signatures and Advanced Logging module activated.

The "Event Details" window.

Number of events, and event types

If the Electronic Signatures and Advanced Logging module is in use and the Advanced Event Log features have been enabled, the event log records all events without any restrictions. Otherwise, M-Files Server removes the oldest events when the total number of events exceeds the maximum number of events. By default, the maximum number of events is 10,000. To change it, specify the following value in the Advanced Vault Settings section: Event Log > Maximum Number of Events.

While M-Files offers a versatile event log, several additional event types that can be covered by logging are enabled with the Electronic Signatures and Advanced Logging module.

Tip: If you want to give system administrators more visibility into actions that vault users perform in a vault, see User Action Log.

The following event types are recorded in the M-Files Admin event log:

Assign request Event log cleared Public link accessed User group created
Backup completed Event log exported Public link created User group deleted
Backup started Event logging disabled Public link deleted User group modified
Check-in Event logging enabled Restoration from backup completed User group member added
Check-in request File downloaded Rollback User group member removed
Checkout File downloaded via public link Signature settings added Custom event
Undo checkout Free-form request Signature settings deleted Vault settings modified
Document or other object changed Login Signature settings modified Vault variable modified
Document or other object deleted Logout The state of a document or other object changed
Document or other object destroyed New document or other object User created
Document vault created Object undeleted User deleted
Document vault created as a copy of another vault One version of a document or other object destroyed User modified

The Electronic Signatures and Advanced Logging module adds the following event types to the M-Files Admin event log:

Metadata structure changes:
Class changed Named ACL deleted State created Value list item changed
Class created Object type changed State deleted Value list item created
Class deleted Object type created State transition changed Value list item deleted
Common view changed Object type deleted State transition created Value list item undeleted
Common view created Property definition changed State transition deleted Workflow changed
Common view deleted Property definition created Value list changed Workflow created
Named ACL changed Property definition deleted Value list created Workflow deleted
Named ACL created State changed Value list deleted
Vault property changes:
Event handler changed
Event handler created
Event handler deleted
Event handler index changed
Application enabled
Application disabled
Application installed
Application uninstalled
Application license changed
Content package exported
Content package import started
Content package import completed

Electronic Signatures and Advanced Logging module

The Electronic Signatures and Advanced Logging module enables you to use electronic signatures and to record additional event types in the vault event log. The module is available for a separate fee.

For you to activate the Electronic Signatures and Advanced Logging module, the license code must be activated on your system. The license is provided on a subscription basis. Activate or update the license code in M-Files Admin (for more information, refer to Managing Server Licenses). In addition to this, properties of the audit trail must be activated vault-specifically. For more information, see Document Vault Advanced Properties.

For more information on User Action Log, that also comes with the module, see User Action Log.