Managing User Rights in Hubs

Note: You must have hub admin rights or user manager rights to do this.

To manage user rights in a hub:

  1. On the sidebar of a hub, move your cursor to the Manage hub icon () and select Users.
    Result:The Manage users page is opened.
  2. Set the user rights.

    For information on admin rights, see Admin Types in M-Files Hubshare.

    Objective Instructions
    Give hub admin, user manager, or hub designer rights to a user or a user group in your hub. Move your cursor to the user right that you want to give and click the check icon (). You can only add internal users and user groups as hub admins.
    Delete the hub admin, user manager, or hub designer rights. Move your cursor to the given user right and click the delete icon ().
    Manage the rights that a user has in the modules. In a user row, click Manage and select the rights that you want to change. Make your changes and click Save.
  3. In the confirmation dialog that is opened, click Confirm.