Adding the Login Account as a User to the Publishing Vault

Note: These instructions are only for the classic M-Files Web.

Second, add the created login account as a user to the publishing vault:

  1. Open M-Files Admin on the M-Files server used for publishing.
  2. In the left-side tree view, expand a connection to M-Files server.
  3. Expand Document Vaults.
  4. Expand a vault.
  5. Click Users.
  6. Click New User on the task area.
    Result:The New User dialog is opened.
  7. In Login account, select the login account that you created.
  8. Enable External user.
  9. Optional: Enable User cannot create documents or other objects.
  10. Optional: Enable User cannot create or modify traditional folders.
  11. Optional: Enable User cannot create or modify private views or notification rules.
  12. Click OK.
The user is added to the Users list.
For information on the next step, see Giving Read Permissions to the Publishing Vault User.