Adding Annotations to Documents

To create an annotation object and add annotations to a document:

  1. Select a document in the listing area.
  2. Make sure that the Preview tab is selected in the right pane.
  3. Do one of these steps:
    • Right-click the document and select Create > Annotation.
    • Click New Annotations in the task area under the Annotations section.
      Note: This option is only available for documents that do not have annotations.
    Result:An annotation object is added to the document's related objects in the listing area.
  4. Use the annotation controls at the top of the preview to add annotations.
    The annotation controls include different ways for you to highlight parts of the document and icons for saving and printing the annotated document.
  5. In the task area, click Save Annotations.
    Result: In M-Files Desktop, the annotation object is checked in. In M-Files Web, select Check in to make your changes visible to other users.