Clearing the Local Cache of the Vault

You can remove temporary local files from a document vault by pressing the Alt key in the M-Files Desktop user interface and then selecting Settings > Clear Local Cache from the menu bar.

Select the temporary local files that you want to delete and click Delete, or click Delete All to delete all temporary local files in the vault. When you click Finish, the metadata cache in the vault is cleared. The cache is used to store data such as property values and object references.

For instructions on converting temporary local files into documents, see Converting a temporary local file to a document.


If you want to delete all locally cached data in a vault, see Destroy local data. Note that the Destroy Local Data function may delete data that cannot be restored from the M-Files server such as currently checked-out files on your computer, offline content, and temporary local files.

The table below compares the locally cached elements that are either deleted or preserved when Clear Local Cache or Destroy Local Data is run.

Cached content Clear Local Cache Destroy Local Data
Temporary local files Optional Delete
Metadata Delete Delete
Checked-out documents Keep Delete
Document preview data Keep Delete
Offline content Keep Delete