Substitute Users

You can define substitute users for periods of absence. The substitute users you specify have the rights to carry out assignments given to you during this period. For step-by-step instructions on how to assign yourself a substitute user, see Appointing a Substitute User.

Assignments and user permissions

Assignment and document permissions may differ. If the assignment requires the assignee to edit a document, the substitute user of the assignee must have:

  • edit rights to the document
  • either a named user license or a concurrent user license (see License type)

For more information about assignments, see Creating and Completing Assignments.

Assignment notifications

If the assignment is created after the substitute user has been specified, the substitute user will also receive notification of the assignment. If the substitute user is specified after creating the assignment, the substitute user will not receive any separate notification of the assignment.

Viewing assignments

You can see all the tasks assigned to you in the Assigned to Me view that you can access by opening the Assigned tab in M-Files Desktop.