Managing Vault Applications in M-Files Desktop

Various third-party applications can be used for modifying and extending M-Files Desktop and M-Files Server behavior. For information on managing and installing the applications, see Installing and Managing Vault Applications.

Managing the vault applications

After a vault-specific client application has been installed with M-Files Admin, it is available for M-Files Desktop users. Upon logging in to the vault, M-Files prompts you to enable the new application. If the administrator requires the application to be enabled, you cannot log in and use the vault until you have approved the use of the application.

You can manage computer-specific client applications by pressing the Alt key and selecting Settings > Applications from the menu bar.

Computer-specific settings

Note that the computer-specific settings influence the use of the applications as well. By default, the user computer-specifically allows M-Files to use applications that are installed in the document vault. If this setting is disabled, neither the optional nor compulsory vault-specific applications are available.

To enable or disable this setting:
  1. Open M-Files Desktop Settings.
  2. Select the Settings tab.
  3. Click Computer-specific Settings.
  4. Select the Miscellaneous tab.
  5. Enable or disable the application setting under the Security heading.