Exporting a Report

Once a report is readable in M-Files, it can also be exported in various file formats. The supported file formats are:
  • XML file with report data
  • CSV (comma delimited)
  • PDF
  • MHTML (web archive)
  • Excel spreadsheet.
  • TIFF file
  • Word document
Note: The exported report is static and cannot be edited in other applications.
Do the following steps to export a report:
  1. In M-Files, locate the report that you want to export by using either the search or the views.
  2. Right-click on the displayed report and select Export and then select a suitable file format from the context menu.
    Result:The Save As dialog is opened.
  3. Select a suitable directory and enter a suitable file name in the File name field and then click Save.
The report is exported in the selected file format.