Search Filters

With the advanced search features on the Filters tab, you can define more specific search criteria for the document or object you are looking for. The more search criteria you use in the advanced search, the more likely you are to find the exact object you want. This way, you can prevent the search from returning too many results.

The Filters tab is opened when you activate the quick search field. You can also click the Filters tab in the right pane to open it.

Your search results are updated in real time according to the selected search filters.

The Filters tab contains these search options:


In Search in, you can select whether to search metadata, file contents, or both. By default, both metadata and file contents are searched.


When you have a specific view open, you can select to search only within the view that you are currently in. The View option is shown only if you currently have a view open on the listing area.

The View option is shown also for external views. If it is not shown, ask your system administrator to rebuild the search index of the external repository.


You can select the repositories that you want to include in your search to narrow down your search.

Object type

You can select one or more of the object types to narrow down your search.

Default search filters

You can set frequently used search options to be remembered by M-Files so that it is not necessary to reselect them in the future. For more information, see Default Search Filters.