Additional Conditions

To open the Additional Conditions dialog, click the search options button () and then Additional Conditions. After you have applied additional conditions and closed the dialog, the number of active conditions is shown in parentheses in the Additional Conditions button.

Note: Some search conditions operate differently with different search engines.

Look for different inflected forms of the words in Quick Search

To search for a particular word form, disable the option Look for different inflected forms of the words in Quick Search in the Additional Conditions dialog. When you do this to search for, say, the word corporation, the search results include only those objects that match this exact word, not corporate, incorporated, and so on.

Note: The search for inflected forms is enabled by default. If needed, the M-Files system administrator can disable this option for all vault users. For more information, see Disabling the Search for Inflected Forms.

Look in the metadata of all versions

When you select the Look in the metadata of all versions option, the search operation looks for results in the metadata of all object versions instead of only the latest ones.

Two limitations apply to this option:

Show latest version

When you select Look in the metadata of all versions, the search will be performed on all versions of each object. If the option Show latest version is on as well, M-Files shows the newest version of each returned object instead of showing the old version that actually matched the search conditions.

Exporting search conditions

You can use the Export Conditions function to save the search criteria. To access this search-related function, press the Alt key on your keyboard and select File > Export Conditions.

The generated text file contains the search criteria as a string that can be used with the M-Files API method SearchForObjectsByExportedSearchConditions. For more information on the method, see the M-Files API documentation.