Disabling the Search for Inflected Forms

By default, M-Files searches for inflected forms of your search term (see Quick Search for more information). This feature can be disabled by unchecking the option Look for different inflected forms of the words in Quick Search in the Additional Conditions dialog. If you want this feature to be disabled by default for all vault users, complete the steps below on the M-Files server computer.

Note: You need M-Files Named Value Manager for distributing these settings. For downloading the application as well as for instructions on using it, see the document Distributing Vault-Specific Registry Settings from M-Files Server.
  1. Open M-Files Named Value Manager.
  2. Use the Server drop-down menu to select the M-Files server and then the Vault drop-down menu to select the document vault.
  3. Use the Storage Type drop-down menu to select the MFConfigurationValue storage.
  4. In the Namespace field, enter the following value: M-Files.Core.Client.Settings
  5. Click Add... to add a new key.
  6. In the left-side pane, double-click New Named Value Key and enter the following value: SearchBar
  7. Select the newly added key, and in the right-side pane, enter the following value:
        "MFShell": { 
            "SearchBar": { 
                "DefaultStemmingEnabled": false 
    Your configuration in M-Files Named Value Manager should now be similar to the example shown below.
  8. Click Save and then close M-Files Named Value Manager if you no longer need it.
The search for inflected forms is now disabled by default in the selected vault for all vault users.