Enabling Automatic Updates for Metadata Fields

It is possible to add metadata properties to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint documents with the M-Files for Microsoft Office plugin. The Microsoft Office plugin is included in the M-Files Desktop installation package. For more information on this feature, see Add M-Files Property.

Note: In some environments, automatic metadata field updates decrease the performance.

To enable automatic metadata field updates:

  1. In M-Files Admin, go to the Advanced Vault Settings section.
    1. Open M-Files Admin.
    2. In the left-side tree view, expand an M-Files server connection.
    3. Expand Document Vaults.
    4. Expand a vault.
    5. Click Configurations.
    6. In the navigation area, click Advanced Vault Settings.
    7. Open the Configuration tab.
      Result:The advanced vault settings are shown.
  2. Expand File Operations > Extension Filter for Embedded Metadata Update on Check-In.
  3. Click Add Extension.
  4. In Extension, enter the file extension.

    These are the valid values:

    • DOC and DOCX
    • XLS and XLSX
    • PPT, PPTX, and ODP
    • ALL

    Use ALL to set the metadata of all valid file types to be updated. When you use this value, do not add other extensions.

  5. Repeat the steps 3 and 4 for each file extension.
  6. Click Save.