File Information Based Conditions

An M-Files object contains metadata and zero or more files. You can use the Files tab of the Additional Conditions dialog to specify search criteria related to files.

Contains files

Set this condition to Yes to search only documents that contain files. If you select No, only objects without files are included in the search results.

File name

If you can remember the file name or parts of it, File name is an efficient search criterion. If you remember the exact name, select the equals sign and enter the name of the file in the next field. For more information on the available operators, see Property-Based Conditions.

File size (KB)

If you want to search files of a specific size, enter the minimum and maximum file size here.

File created, File changed

You can also make searches according to the creation and modification time of the files. For more information, see Status-Based Conditions.

Linked to external location

You can make a search on files that are linked to an external location. You can choose to search within files that are all linked to one and the same external location, or within all linked files that are external to M-Files. For more information about linking files, see External File Sources.

Show duplicates only

Use the Show duplicates only option to create a view that contains only duplicate content. This is useful, for example, when you want to remove duplicate files from the vault.