Example: Searching for Ongoing Projects for American Customers

  1. Click the advanced search options button () in the search bar.
  2. Click the Additional Conditions button.
    Result:The Additional Conditions dialog is opened.
  3. Go to the Properties tab and click Add Condition to add a property condition.
  4. From the topmost Property drop-down menu, select In progress.
  5. From the topmost Operator drop-down menu, select =.
  6. From the topmost Value drop-down menu, select Yes.
  7. Click Add Condition again to add another property condition.
  8. Locate Customer in the next Property drop-down menu and click the plus sign next to Customer to expand its properties and select the Country customer property.
    This creates an indirect property association that uses the Country property of the customer object to define a country for the project. As the project object does not include country data in this case, the customer object can be used indirectly to provide it.
  9. From the Operator drop-down menu, select =.
  10. From the Value drop-down menu, select USA.
  11. Click OK to close the Additional Conditions dialog.
  12. Enter a search term in the search field or leave it empty if you do not want to filter your search further.
  13. Press Enter or click the search button.
The search results show the projects (for the search term or all the projects if no search term was given) that are in progress for customers from the United States.