Search Refinements

Note: This functionality is available only if your vault uses the Smart Search or Micro Focus IDOL search engine. You can read more about Smart Search in M-Files Smart Search - Frequently Asked Questions.

You can select one or more of the available criteria in the section below the Search in, Object type, and Repository options on the Filters tab to refine your search results. You can, for example, select to only search for objects that were created in 2022, modified within the last week, and that refer to a specific vault user.

Click the Show more option to view more criteria in a specific category.

Note: Search refinements only apply to objects with M-Files metadata. Any objects that do not have metadata (for example, unmanaged objects) are hidden in the search results if search refinements are selected.

When your search results have been refined to match your search query and the selected criteria, you can refine your search even more. To do this, select additional criteria. The criteria for which there are no longer matches are grayed out.