Grouping Level Advanced Options

The Advanced tab of the grouping level settings contains performance options for viewing and accessing virtual folders. Modifying these settings may be beneficial for views or virtual folders that contain a large number of folders.

Show only subfolders that were recently selected by the user

In the advanced settings for the view grouping level, you can specify whether the user is to be shown all virtual folders belonging to the level or whether the user may select the folders to be used. Folder selection is useful when the view or virtual folder includes a large number of subfolders (more than 500). By means of folder selection, the user can easily select the folders to be modified. The use of folder selection is significantly quicker than, for example, grouping by first letter when the number of objects is large (more than 10,000).

For instance, if the view has been defined By Customer or By Project and the company has thousands of customers or projects, user-specific folder selection makes it easier for users to perform their daily tasks in the required customer or project folders. In this case, the user employs the Select Folder function to select only the folders that should be used.

Important remarks

  • The set of folders selected for each grouping level is cleared when the user session ends. In other words, the folders need to be reselected, for instance, after the user logs out from the vault.
  • The setting is specific to each grouping level.
  • Folder limitation can be used if the grouping level is specified on the basis of a property that utilizes a value list.
  • For common views, folder limitation can be specified by a user with at least the right to manage common views.

Other performance options

If the retrieval of the subfolder listing is slow, you can try each algorithm in order to determine which is fastest for this type of view.

Activate the Do not check object permissions for hiding subfolders option to improve browsing performance. This may, however, cause empty folders to be displayed in the listing.