Hardware Guidelines for Single-Server Environments

This section lists the minimum hardware requirements and hardware guidelines for environments where the M-Files server machine runs the M-Files Server application and the database server (Firebird or Microsoft SQL Server).

Important: The configurations that this section gives are examples only. There are many things that have an effect on the system performance. For example, the degree of concurrent activity and the type of operations that users do in the vault.

The disk space requirements for the metadata database are dependent on the complexity of the metadata structure and the number of object versions in the database. You can use the estimates of this section in typical document management use cases.

In large M-Files implementations, contact M-Files to help you with the implementation plan.

Minimum requirements

CPU 2 cores
Memory 1 GB
Storage 300 MB disk space for M-Files Server

Environments with up to 50,000 objects

CPU 4 cores
Memory 4 GB
Storage RAID 1 or RAID 5 disks and enough disk space for files, database, and backups

Environments with up to one million objects

CPU 8 cores
Memory 16 GB
Storage RAID 1 or RAID 5 disks and enough disk space for files, database files, and backups. Database files, Microsoft SQL Server transaction logs, and search index files must be stored on solid state drives (SSD) for optimal performance.
Operating system 64-bit operating system
Database management system Microsoft SQL Server 2019 or later, Standard or Enterprise Edition