Keyboard Shortcuts in M-Files Desktop

Shortcuts in the listing area

Use these shortcuts when the listing area is active:

Quick Search Ctrl + F See Quick Search.
New Document Ctrl + N See Creating Documents.
Refresh the object listing F5 Updates only the objects that have changes.
Fully refresh the object listing Shift + F5 Updates all the objects in the listing area.

Shortcuts for the selected objects

Use these shortcuts when an object is selected in the listing area:

Open the metadata card Alt + Enter See Metadata Card.
Check Out Ctrl + O See Checking Out a Document.
Check In Ctrl + I See Checking In a Document.
Check in with comments Ctrl + ⇧ Shift + I See Checking In a Document.
Relationships Ctrl + L See Object Relationships.
Collection members Ctrl +⇧ Shift + L See Managing Document Collections.
Comments Ctrl + M See Object Comments.
Subobjects Ctrl + J See Subobjects.
History Ctrl + H See Version History.

Shortcuts for the metadata card

Use these shortcuts on the metadata card:

Tab ↹ Move to the next property field.
⇧ Shift + Tab ↹ Move to the previous property field.
Ctrl + I Insert a new value field for a property.
Ctrl + D Delete the selected property field.
Ctrl + N Add a new value to the value list and set it as the property value.
/ Move between available property value options.
Ctrl + S Save metadata.