Customizing M-Files Desktop User Interface

Note: This content is no longer updated. For the latest content, please go to the user guide for M-Files Online. For information on the supported product versions, refer to our lifecycle policy.

You can change display settings with the Display Mode options. Right-click an empty space in the listing area and select Display Mode to see the settings.

With the Display Mode options, you can do these things:
  • Select if the objects are shown as icons or as a details list.
  • Move the metadata card to the right side of the user interface or to the bottom.
  • Select if the Windows File Explorer navigation pane is shown or not.
  • Select if the task area, the right pane, and the bottom pane are shown as usual, minimized, or not at all.
  • Show or hide annotations.
  • Enable or disable the options of grouping objects by object type, and grouping views and folders.
  • Select a normal or a compact layout for the user interface.

You can also set the Metadata card or the Preview tab as a default tab in M-Files Desktop. For more information, see Setting Default Tab for Object.