Pinned Tab

Note: This content is no longer updated. For the latest content, please go to the user guide for M-Files Online. For information on the supported product versions, refer to our lifecycle policy.

The Pinned tab lets you collect items that you frequently use into a single tab. Click the Pinned tab on the right pane to see your pinned items.

Click an item on the Pinned tab to see it in the listing area, or double-click it to do the default action of the object. For example, double-clicking a document that you can edit would open the checkout prompt for the document. To move a pinned item in the pinned tab, drag and drop the item.

Pinning an item

To pin an item to the Pinned tab:

  1. In M-Files Desktop, find and select the item that you want to pin.
  2. Complete one of these steps:
    • Drag and drop the item from the listing area to the Pinned tab.
    • Right-click the item and click Pin.
    • Click the Pin icon () on the option ribbon of the metadata card.
The selected item is pinned to the Pinned tab. To unpin an item, right-click it on the Pinned tab and click Unpin.

Renaming a pinned item

You can rename a pinned item on the Pinned tab. This changes the name of the shortcut but not the name of the item.

To rename a pinned item:

  1. In M-Files Desktop, click the Pinned tab.
  2. Right-click a pinned item and select Rename.
  3. Enter a new name.
    The name is automatically saved.