Scheduled Backup Jobs

The Backup tab of the Scheduled Job Properties dialog enables you to define what needs to be backed up and to which location. You can also specify whether to divide the backup into multiple files and whether to overwrite existing backup files.

For step-by-step instructions on how to create a vault backup, see Backing Up a Vault.

The Backup tab of the Scheduled Job Properties dialog.

Backup types

Two kinds of backups can be made of document vaults: full backups and differential backups. Only full backups can be made of the master database.

A full backup is the most complete copy that can be produced with M-Files. It contains, for example, the history information of all documents. You cannot make a differential backup if you have not made a full backup first.

To save disk space, full backups should be scheduled to occur less frequently, for instance once a week, and differential backups for example once a day. Be sure to specify backups separately for both the document vault and the master database.

The differential backup contains all data that has been changed after the last full backup. When restoring a differential backup, you will need the full backup and the files from the last differential backup.