Adding Documents from the Scanner to a Multi-File Document

Complete the steps given here to add documents from a scanner to a multi-file document. For instructions on converting single-file documents to multi-file documents, see Single-File and Multi-File Documents.

  1. In M-Files, locate the multi-file document for which to add a file from the scanner.
  2. Right-click the multi-file document and select Add File > Add File From Scanner.
  3. Optional: If the Select Source dialog appears, select your scanner from the list and click Select.
  4. Scan your document using the scanner application.
    Result:When the scanning is complete, the Scanner Job dialog appears.
  5. Select one of the following options:
    Scanning done You do not want to scan additional documents.
    Scan more pages to the current document You want to scan another document and combine it with the previously scanned document.
    Scan another document You want to scan another document and do not want to combine it with the previously scanned document.
  6. Optional: If the Conversion to Searchable PDF dialog appears, select Convert if you want to convert the scanned document into a searchable PDF. Otherwise, click Skip Conversion.
    For more information on converting scanned documents to searchable PDFs, see Scanning and Text Recognition (OCR).
The scanned document or documents are added to the multi-file document.
Note: The multi-file document only has one set of metadata. The files in the document do not have separate metadata.