Creating Non-Document Objects

In addition to documents, you can create other objects like customers and projects. You can therefore use M-Files to manage, for instance, your customer database by adding and editing customer objects in the document vault. Similar to documents, objects such as customers and projects have a metadata card, but they can exist without any files. They are also deleted and edited the same way as documents.

When you start to create a new object, the first thing you see is the metadata card. After you have entered the values for the mandatory fields (marked with an asterisk), the object can be saved with Create.

The Check in immediately option is selected by default to make sure that the new object is saved to the repository immediately after you click Create. You can leave the object checked out to you to add metadata to it before you save the information to the vault.

Object types are specified with M-Files Admin. For more information, see Object Types.

Example: Creating a New Customer

  1. Click Create > Customer.
  2. In the Customer name field, enter the customer's name.
  3. Optional: Enter other customer details in the available fields.
  4. Click Create.
A new customer object is added to the vault.