Adding New Files to Multi-File Documents

The Add File function can be used for creating new document files for a multi-file document.

Note, however, that a multi-file document in M-Files does not equal to a folder in Windows. A multi-file document is a single document that contains zero or more document files and one common set of metadata. A document file is a fixed component of a multi-file document. For example, a contract scanned from a paper copy can be a multi-file document and its pages can be the document files.

Note: Use the Import File function to add an existing file to the multi-file document. You can also drag and drop a file to a multi-file document.

Do the following steps to add a new file to a multi-file document:

  1. Right-click the multi-file document of your choice.
  2. Select Add File to show a list of file types.
  3. Select a type for the new file.
    Result:The document is checked out to you and a new file representing the type of your choice is added to the multi-file document.
  4. Enter a name for the added file.