Using Document Templates

You can use templates when you create documents in M-Files. Templates can be specified to add a predefined set of metadata and content to the document. For example, a proposal template or an order template.

To set a document or other object to be a template, add the property Is template to the metadata and set the value to Yes. Templates are class-specific, but you can specify the template to be used for other classes with the Additional classes property.
Note: When you want to save a document as a document template to be used in M-Files, save the document as an Microsoft Office document, that is, in the format .doc(x), .ppt(x), .xls(x) or similar. Do not use the template formats offered by Microsoft Office applications (for instance the Word template, .dotx).

For more information, see New Class, as well as Automatic Values for information on using document templates with automatic values.