Provider Recommendations for External Database Connections

The table below lists the recommended OLE DB providers to be used for an external database connection (see Connections to External Databases for Value Lists).

Database Provider

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft OLE DB Driver for SQL Server (MSOLEDBSQL)

Note: Using the following, deprecated providers is not recommended:
  • Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server (SQLOLEDB)
  • SQL Server Native Client OLE DB Provider (SQLNCLI)


Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers (MySQL Connector/ODBC).

  • Use the Data sources (ODBC) administrative tool to configure a new system data source.
  • Select MySQL Connector/ODBC as the ODBC driver.
  • Define the data source.
  • Under driver properties, select the Disable Transactions check box.

In connection settings, select Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers as the provider and the system data source you defined as the data source. The default collection in the connection settings remains empty. Thus you only define the database in the driver settings.

You can also use MySql.OLEDB Provider with MySQL.