How do I save a copy of M-Files errors in the Windows Application event log

Note: These instructions are for Windows 10, but the procedure is highly similar for other Windows versions.
If every M-Files user in your organization is experiencing the same issue, it is recommended to save a copy of the application event log on the M-Files server computer. If the issue is an isolated one, on the other hand, you should only save a copy of the log on the computer where the issue occurs. Complete the steps below on the appropriate computer.
  1. Right-click the Start icon and select Event Viewer from the context menu.
    Result:The Event Viewer window is opened.
  2. Expand Windows Logs.
  3. Click Application.
  4. Click Filter Current Log on the Actions pane.
    Result:The Filter Current Log dialog is opened.
  5. Open the Event sources drop-down menu and select M-Files and any other applications related to M-Files, such as M-Files Compliance Kit or MFClient.
  6. Click OK to close the Filter Current Log dialog.
  7. Click Save Filtered Log File As on the Actions pane.
  8. Specify a location and a file name, and then click Save.
A copy of the filtered application event log is saved to the location that you have specified. The copy contains only the errors that are related to M-Files.