Saving Folders to M-Files

Note: Your administrator can use external repository connectors to import files from a network drive. Before you import files or folders, make sure that the same content is not already in the vault.

When you save a folder with subfolders or many individual files together, M-Files can keep the old folder structure. If you want the folder structure to stay the same, M-Files organizes the saved contents into traditional folders. To do this:

  1. In M-Files Desktop, press the Alt key to open the menu bar.
  2. Select Create > Import Files and Folders.
  3. Click ... to select the folder you want to import.
  4. Select:
    • Do not preserve old folder structure to discard the folder structure.
    • Preserve old folder structure to keep the folder structure. To import the content, select a folder for it in M-Files. To create a new folder, click New Folder.
  5. Optional: If you do not want to add metadata for the imported content, disable Prompt for metadata.
  6. Click OK.
If you checked the Prompt for metadata check box, do the steps from 7 to 9 for each file you import.
  1. Select a class for the file from the Class drop-down menu.
  2. Optional: Enter other optional property values.
    Click Add property to add more properties.
  3. Click Create.
The folder is imported to M-Files. If you chose the Preserve old folder structure option, the imported folder appears as a new traditional folder in M-Files.