Connectors establish a connection between M-Files and external repositories. They bring external data into the M-Files user interface and allow it to be viewed and modified in the same fashion as information is commonly processed in M-Files. In other words, files in an external repository, such as a network folder, are displayed in M-Files like any other M-Files objects and they can be edited and enriched with metadata in the same manner as any other information residing in an M-Files document vault.

Refer to M-Files Catalog to see the available connectors.

Connectors let you integrate M-Files with external repositories so that you can view and modify external repository content in M-Files. By adding metadata, you can promote files and folders in external repositories to M-Files objects so that they can be, for example, organized into metadata-driven views.

Objects in external repositories are by default unmanaged, but they can be promoted to managed objects. For more information, see Unmanaged and Managed Objects and Promoting Unmanaged Objects.