Viewing Object Activity

The activity feed shows you all comments, metadata changes, and file changes for the object that you have selected in the listing area. Click the Show activity icon () to see the activity information. The activities are divided into different sections by recency. The latest object version is shown first.

Click on different parts of the screenshot given here for more information about the functionality. For practical examples, see Showing All Comments in Object Activity and Showing the Metadata History of an Object.

Metadata summaryFilteringCommentingRecorded activities

Metadata summary

This section shows the most important metadata. Click the metadata icon () to close the activity information and see all metadata.


To comment the object, click the Add comment link, write your comment, and click Comment.

To mention a user in a comment, write @ and the name of the user. A notification email is sent to the user.


Use the filtering options to see only the object versions that contain specific types of changes.

You can also see the types of changes with icons shown next to the object version number:
  • – Content changes
  • – Metadata changes
  • – Comments

One object version can contain many types of changes.

Use the collapse-expand icon () to hide or show all version details.

Recorded activities

The table lists the most common activities with examples.

Activity Example

A comment is added.

File content is changed.

A metadata property is added or removed.

Property added:

A property value is added, removed, or changed.

Property value changed:

A file is added, removed, or renamed.

File removed:

The object is converted to a single-file document or multi-file document.