Example: Creating A New Document

Note: This content is no longer updated. For the latest content, please go to the user guide for M-Files Online. For information on the supported product versions, refer to our lifecycle policy.
  1. Open M-Files Desktop and go to a vault.
  2. Click Create ().
  3. Click Document.
    Result:The New Document dialog is opened.
  4. To choose a template:
    • Enter a search term to the search field and select a template.
    • From the Select class drop-down menu, select a class and select a template from the selected class.
    • Select a template from the Recently Used, All, or Blank quick lists.
  5. Click Next.
  6. In the Name or title field, enter a name.
  7. Enter the object metadata. Mandatory fields are shown with an asterisk (*).
    To add more metadata fields, click Add property below the last metadata property on the list.
  8. Optional: Click the permission options at the bottom of the dialog to set permissions for your document.
    For information on how to set document permissions, see Object Permissions.
  9. Optional: Click the workflow options to select a workflow and a workflow state for the document.
  10. Select one of these options:
    • Select Open for editing to change the content before you check in the document.
    • Select Check in immediately to add the content to the vault after you click Create.
  11. Click Create.
Your document is added to the vault.