Under the Users node of a vault in M-Files Admin, you can add users to the vault, thus assigning a name to the user and specifying the user's permissions. Each user object is based on a server login account (see Login Accounts).

M-Files assigns each user a unique ID, which can be found in the user's properties in M-Files Admin.

Deleting users

As a general rule, users should not be deleted from the vault because they contain a lot of information that might still be needed later on. The user objects hold, among other things, user interface preferences, information about the favorite objects of the user, and records about notifications related to the user. M-Files Admin does not allow the delete operation to be undone, so it should be carried out only if you are absolutely certain the user information will no longer be needed. You might, instead, want to consider disabling the user. For more information about disabled users, go to Creating a User and search for disabled in step 9.