Event Types

The table on this page contains the standard event types and shows which event types are only part of the Electronic Signatures and Advanced Logging module. See the event types that User Action Log adds to the event log in Event types with User Action Log.

You can use the arrowheads in the table headers to sort the information and the search field to filter the table content.

Event type name Standard event type Included with Electronic Signatures and Advanced Logging
Backup started
Backup completed
Check-in request
Conflict resolved
Conflict object restored as a new version
Conflicting changes discarded
Custom event
Document or other object changed
Document or other object deleted
Document or other object destroyed
Document vault created
Document vault created as a copy of another vault
Event log cleared
Event log exported
Event logging disabled
Event logging enabled
File downloaded
File downloaded via public link
Free-form request
New document or other object
Object undeleted
One version of a document or other object destroyed
Operation denied (incompatible license)
Public link accessed
Public link created
Public link deleted
Restoration from backup completed
The state of a document or other object changed
Undo checkout
User group created
User group deleted
User group modified
User group member added
User group member removed
User created
User deleted
User modified
Vault settings modified
Vault variable modified
Application installed
Application disabled
Application enabled
Application uninstalled
Application license changed
Class created
Class changed
Class deleted
Common view created
Common view changed
Common view deleted
Content package exported
Content package import started
Content package import completed
Event handler created
Event handler changed
Event handler deleted
Event handler index changed
Named ACL created
Named ACL changed
Named ACL deleted
Object type created
Object type changed
Object type deleted
Property definition created
Property definition changed
Property definition deleted
State created
State changed
State deleted
State transition created
State transition changed
State transition deleted
Value list created
Value list changed
Value list deleted
Value list item created
Value list item changed
Value list item deleted
Value list item undeleted
Workflow created
Workflow changed
Workflow deleted