Example: Daily Notifications for New Orders

This example shows how you can create a private notification rule for sending you a daily digest message of all the new order objects in the vault.

Note: To use this feature, event logging and notifications must be enabled on the M-Files server. For more information about server settings, see Editing Notification Settings in M-Files Admin.
  1. Open M-Files Desktop.
  2. Click your username in the upper right corner.
  3. Click User Settings > Notification Settings.
    Result:The Notification Settings dialog is opened.
  4. Click the Add button.
  5. In the Name field, give your rule a name, such as New orders.
  6. In Notification sent, select When a selected event occurs.
  7. In Message delivery, select A digest message once a day.
  8. Click the Define Filter button.
  9. Open the Properties tab.
  10. Click Add Condition.
  11. For the newly added property condition, select Class as the property, = as the operator, and Order as the value.
  12. Click OK.
    Result:The property condition 'Class' = 'Order' is now shown in the Filter field of the Notification Rule Properties dialog.
  13. Enable notifications for the event New document or other object.
  14. Optional: If you do not want to receive notifications for order objects created by yourself, enable the option Exclude notifications of events caused by the current user.
  15. When you are done, click OK.
The new notification rule is added to the list in the Notification Settings dialog.