Configuring Search Facets

Note: This content is no longer updated. For the latest content, please go to the user guide for M-Files Online. For information on the supported product versions, refer to our lifecycle policy.

Search facets are filters that let users get better search results. These filters include customer, file type, class, and date. Facets and faceted search are available in vaults that use Micro Focus IDOL or Smart Search as the search engine. Only a system administrator can change these settings.

After the setup, the user will see search facets in the right pane in M-Files Desktop. When the user does a search, the search criteria must include a minimum of one full-text search condition for the facets to show.

After you have defined the settings, vault restart is not necessary.

Adding Facets

To add a search facet:

  1. In M-Files Admin, go to the Advanced Vault Settings section.
    1. Open M-Files Admin.
    2. In the left-side tree view, expand an M-Files server connection.
    3. Expand Document Vaults.
    4. Expand a vault.
    5. Click Configurations.
    6. In the navigation area, click Advanced Vault Settings.
    7. Open the Configuration tab.
      Result:The advanced vault settings are shown.
  2. Expand Search > Facets.
  3. Click Add Facet.
  4. Expand the created facet.
  5. In Type, select a facet that the user will see in M-Files Desktop as a filter.
  6. Select values for the remaining type settings.
  7. Optional: Set Show More Link to Yes if you want the users to see the link in M-Files Desktop when there are more than five facet values.
  8. Optional: In Display Order, write an integer that defines the order of the filters in M-Files Desktop.
    A facet with the value 1 is put before a facet with the value 2, and so on.
  9. Click Save.