Permissions and Automatic Permissions


On the Permissions tab, you can specify who can see this class and set the class for objects. System and vault administrators can always see all classes and set them for objects.

Automatic permissions

An object receives automatic permissions when a class with automatic permissions specified is added to the object metadata.

You can activate the automatic permissions by value, value list, object type, or class. You can specify the automatic permissions for each class in the same way as for each value. For more information, see Enabling Automatic Permissions for a Value List Item.
Note: Micro Focus IDOL and Smart Search: If more than four automatic ACL sources control the permissions of an object, only administrators can see it in search results.

Editing Permissions

  1. Open M-Files Admin.
  2. In the left-side tree view, expand a connection to M-Files server.
  3. Expand Document Vaults.
  4. Expand a vault.
  5. Click a node that contains items that you want to edit.
  6. Select an item in the listing area.
  7. Right-click the item and click Properties.
  8. Open Permissions.
  9. In Users and user groups, select the user or user group whose permissions to change.
    If the user or user group is not on the list, click Add.
  10. Specify the permissions for the selected user or user group.
    Allow: Enable this to explicitly give the permission to the selected user or user group.
    Deny: Enable this to explicitly deny the permission from the user or user group.
    The Deny setting is normally used to specify an exception to an Allow setting. For example, when John Doe is part the group HR Managers, you can set Allow for the group and Deny for John Doe.
    You can also leave both settings unselected.
  11. Repeat steps 9 and 10 for the rest of the permissions.
  12. Click OK.