Associating Messages with Contacts

You can use M-Files Admin for specifying messages to be automatically associated with contact persons and customers saved in M-Files on the basis of the sender and recipient information. A message from, for example, [email protected] can be automatically associated with the contact person Matt Bay and the customer ESTT.

Note: This feature is available in Microsoft Outlook versions 2016 and 2019, and in versions of Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise that Microsoft supports.

When the user is saving an email message to M-Files in Microsoft Outlook, M-Files looks for similarity between the email addresses in the message and the properties that have been specified in M-Files Admin. On the basis of similarity and the properties specified by the administrator, M-Files automatically associates the message with customers or contact persons when the message is saved in the M-Files folder in Microsoft Outlook. For more information on how to specify the properties in M-Files Admin, see Email Client Integration Settings.

This automation takes place on a vault-specific basis (with a vault-specific M-Files folder in Microsoft Outlook), also applying to all subfolders of the M-Files folder in question.