Saving Email Messages in Microsoft Outlook to M-Files

  1. In Microsoft Outlook, do one of these steps:
    • Locate the email message that you want to save to M-Files, right-click the message and select Save to M-Files, and then select the vault where you want to save the selected email message.
    • Locate the email message that you want to save to M-Files, and then drag and drop the message to the preferred M-Files folder located in the Microsoft Outlook navigation pane.
    • First compose a new email message, then, in the Message window, open the M-Files tab and click Send and Save to M-Files, and finally select the appropriate vault from the drop-down menu.
    Result:The New Document dialog is opened.
  2. From the Save as type drop-down menu, select the format in which the email message is saved.
    For more information about email message storage formats, see Storage Formats.
  3. Fill in the metadata for the email message and click Create.
    Note that some properties may be automatically populated. For more information, see Automatically Populated Metadata.
The selected email message is added to the selected vault in M-Files. An M-Files flag is also added to the message in Microsoft Outlook as an indication that the message has been saved to M-Files.